The links below will bring you to the official Minnesota Senate Committee webpages of the committees I currently serve on. There you can see the members, staff information, meeting schedules, media including audio and video, listing of bills in committee and supporting documents like budget spreadsheets. Feel free to click on a link and look around.


The Committee on Commerce and Consumer Protection has jurisdiction over all bills relating to banking, insurance, securities, consumer financial services, and liquor.

Other Laws include Cemeteries, Consumer Protection, Mortgage Origination and Servicing Motor Vehicle Sales, Real Estate Brokers, Unclaimed Property, and Weights and Measures.


The Committee on Education has jurisdiction over all policy and finance bills relating to education, children, and libraries, except bills relating to higher education or childcare.

Other Laws include Child Abuse Victim Services, Children’s Museum, Community Services and, Public Libraries


The Committee on Transportation and Public Safety has jurisdiction over all bills relating to transportation policy and finance.

Other Laws include Driver and Vehicle Licensing, Disability Parking, Gasoline Taxes, Motor Vehicle Sales Tax, Outdoor Advertising, Pipelines, School Buses and, Traffic Laws.


The 2015 Minnesota Legislature established, under the responsibility of the Minnesota Department of Commerce, the Task Force on No-Fault Auto Insurance Issues.

  • The no-fault arbitration process;
  • The independent medical exam process; and
  • Treatment standards and fee schedules.

The Insurance Reform Committee is a sub-committee of the Commerce Committee.